College life here is boring as fuck, because most things there really piss me off. And of course I’m a bit stressed out too. Also, I’m still have things to do on my work. So..


To relieve my stress, let’s play visual novels. You know what, visual novels are fun to play. And maybe it’s fun to share how the story is going on from my perspective.


I forgot to start first post ever in this blog. So, let me introduce to you. This blog contains about visual novel game things, from playthrough to (maybe) review about it. All of them packed into one “journal”. There are some of my visual novels waiting for me to be converted into “journal”. Don’t worry guys, you’re not gonna bored to read this “journal”.


About visual novel games I’m gonna play, I usually see trailers or a little “summary” first before playing. Maybe from promotional CG too. If you’re confused with the game I’m currently playing rite now, you can check it out on this blog banner.

VN journal intro


Banner will be changed at every game currently playing. About NSFW contents or maybe other things (if there any) that would make you discomfort, I’ll give trigger warning first or just summarize what is going on (so maybe no NSFW contents too). For every game I’m playing, I may write in format like this :


(1) Introduction

(2) Playthrough

(3) Review

(4) Tips


Introduction contains a little bit commentary about game I’ll playing. After finishing whole story, I may give a review about it. Because that’s the purpose of review, rite ? And last, some tips to finish the game. Maybe quick tips, or detailed tips, depends on the game.


If there are requests, tips, review, or something you may share to me, feel free to comment or contact me. And last thing, you can correct my English if you’re confused. Thank you for reading this “journal” and visiting this blog.


Have fun 😉


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